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Domino has helped business-savvy leaders achieve critical outcomes for years — it has always been a leader in application development, business transformation, and automation. Version 10 is here to make Domino a dramatically more productive and modern platform, unleashing even more business value. 

All you need to know Notes Domino V10 and V11

Enticing new features

With V10, the value of Domino has been extended dramatically. You can now leverage your JavaScript developers to enhance, integrate, and build new apps, and seamlessly integrate with your most-used tools and environments. Call any REST API from your Domino application to seamlessly bring in Google Maps, a Watson API, or even customer data from Salesforce. Domino is more open than ever before.

Here are some of the key features we have summarised. 


IBM Domino App Dev Pack
Domino developers can request early access to the world of JavaScript and Node.js through the IBM Domino App Dev Pack. As an add-on to Domino V10, both JavaScript and Domino developers will be able to enhance, integrate, and easily build new applications using Domino data.
IBM Domino Mobile Apps
Domino developers can request early access to IBM Domino Mobile Apps, making their trusted, proven Domino apps accessible from an Apple iPad. Domino also replicates data between the server and local version of your applications, so your team can be productive even without network connectivity.
Open, and easy to integrate
Domino V10 brings dramatically easier integration with your most used applications, services, and environments. Now call any REST API that you want from your Domino
application — bring in Google maps, pull in a Watson API, or even use customer data from Salesforce. Domino is more open than ever before.
Domino CentOS & Docker
Domino V10 now supports CentOS, which can be used to create Docker Domino containers that are 100% compatible with Red Hat Linux.
Users will now enjoy continuous deployment and testing, environmental standardization, version control, and the strong default isolation capabilities.
Cluster Auto-Repair
Domino can automatically evaluate if a node requires repair and corrects the inconsistencies in so that eventually, all nodes have the same and most up-to-date
data. Domino has security is built into the core. Now, with V10, it has more stability and availability than ever.
IBM Domino Applications on Cloud
Move your Domino workflow and applications to the IBM Cloud. With IBM Domino Applications on Cloud, you gain access not only to a full stack of IBM Cloud security services, but also to an IBM security team supporting more than 12,000 customers in 133 countries.
Faster & Leaner Notes Client
Domino users will have a faster startup time (less than four seconds) and with optional feature installations each user can optimize their experience and client workload to suit their needs.

Primaxis Notes/Domino as a Service

Primaxis is ideally placed to assist your organisation as we are a Business Partner of both HCL (currently the only BP in Australia) and a Business Partner of IBM. We can find the best solution for licensing needs, support, future directions and strategies including migrating off Domino applications and mail.

JOPUL - Domino application migration

JOPUL is the Primaxis solution for quickly moving data out of Domino applications into a web-based application. Extract all your all data from a Lotus Notes database and move it to the cloud.

Domino Environment Assessment

Primaxis assessment reports help you monitors all activity on your Domino servers to measure which applications are in use, great if considering migrating off Domino or considering the value of upgrading.

Domino licensing

Start saving today with Primaxis Domino licensing assessment which helps you optimise your licensing model.

HCL Domino Volt

HCL Domino Volt is a new low-code capability that makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade applications on the Domino platform. HCL Domino Volt powers the next generation of your solutions, by making it easy to create form-based workflow apps and surveys, as well as apps that handle document management, secure audit compliance, and more. HCL is protecting your investment in Domino and proving that HCL Domino Volt is the smart choice for your low-code application development decisions.

HCL Domino Volt is a new low-code capability built on
Domino that empowers your organization to:

  • Create apps with forms, views, and workflows in minutes
  • Build applications without any Domino specific knowledge
  • Easily extend them using common web development skills
  • Integrate them with your systems and data

JOPUL Domino Application Migration

The usual methodology for migrating an application involves an expensive process of analysing application functionality then building a new application in the target environment. This can be a time-consuming process with a high amount of consultant engagement and long delivery time frames. We have chosen to adopt a different methodology to what most products in the market offer when it comes to migrating off Domino/Notes. Rather than spend time and effort in analysing Notes/Domino application functionality and design, we have focused our efforts on moving just the data out Lotus Notes including the ever tricky rich text and attachments.

Domino Environment Assessment

HCL Advisor is an amazing product that quietly monitors all activity on your Domino servers to measure which applications are in use, great if considering migrating off Domino or considering the value of upgrading.

What is included:

  • Configuration of HCL Advisor on one Domino server (highly recommend your Application server)
  • Analysis report which will give a concise overview of your Domino environment and recommendations.

Need Help With Domino Licensing

IBM® Notes® and IBM Domino® offerings deliver enterprise−grade collaboration capabilities, across a wide range of uses and applications. It can be deployed as core e−mail and enterprise scheduling infrastructure, as a custom application platform, or both. This extensive breadth of uses also creates a wide array of deployment scenarios. The IBM Notes and Domino licensing model supports all of these scenarios, in ways that make it easy to acquire and deploy.

Experience the next era of rapid application development with IBM Domino.

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