Primaxis Migrations as a Service (MaaS)

Migration can often be a time-consuming and costly experience. Primaxis combine our expertise and experience with leading tools to help minimise the risk and cost.

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Experience a reliable, full service and a simpler workload transformation across different platform with Primaxis Migration as a Service

Multiplatform Migration as a Service.

Primaxis Migration as a Service (MaaS)  handles migration complexity so you don’t have to. Industry-leading migration technologies and best practices are applied by the experts who know them best – ensuring a smooth transition start to finish. Primaxis is a full consultation and implementation service.

Our experts work with your scope and requirements to design and execute a thorough, phased migration plan. Plan a predictable project which will help you to check the right boxes and get ready to migrate your email, applications, and directories, including to or within the cloud.

Notes Migrations

Whether you are migrating to on-premises Exchange or Office 365, Binary Tree’s Remotely Managed or Remotely Hosted MaaS can migrate your Notes environment to your destination, successfully. We can move your mailboxes, users, content, calendars, resources, archives and more. Using Notes Migrator | CMT for migration and Notes Integration | CMT for coexistence during the transformation, you will be on your way!.

Office 365 Migrations

Not only can we move you to Office 365 from Notes or Exchange on-premises, but we can migrate you to new Office 365 tenants with Power365. We can even migrate more content to your new destination, for an efficient experience, including Archives, Active Directory, One Drive and SharePoint. And with Power365 Directory Sync, you get powerful, customized integration for your AD and Azure AD environments.

Exchange Migrations

We have options to migrate your on-premises Exchange mail, users, calendars, public folders and archives to new versions of Exchange or even to Office 365. Using Exchange Pro and Exchange Pro Public Folders, Primaxis migration experts can deliver an efficient and successful migration experience. We can use Active Directory Pro and Directory Sync Pro to handle your AD migration and Directory coexistence for uninterrupted collaboration.

Active Directory consolidation

Merge, consolidate, or restructure your Active Directory environment – keeping your users, devices, and applications in sync with Primaxis Active directory Migration.

Domino Application Modernization

Our approach starts with a detailed analysis of your Domino environment and the development of a customized roadmap for relocating, redeveloping, or retaining your Domino applications and modernizing your environment. With Domino Application Services, you will be assured that your business is positioned for the future – without wasting resources on unused or outdated applications.


Primaxis Migration as a Service steps for a hassle free multiplatform migration


Conduct a comprehensive review of your organisation that makes up your production environment



Identify and fill gaps in your governance or hardware requirements to build an outline for the execution phase.



Test an end-to-end migration in your production environment to identify areas where performance enhancements can be made.


Run full and incremental migrations from source to destination, and provide status reports to stakeholders and business users.


Synchronize changes made in the source environment during execution, and transition users into the destination environment.

Primaxis Migration as a Service Tools

Notes Migrator

Available for migrating from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange. Not only supports migrations to on-premises Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, but also to online versions including Office 365.


  • Flexible Migrations – Lotus Notes/Domino to Outlook, Exchange, or Office 365.
  • Oversight – Single dashboard for managing the entire migration with ease.
  • Fidelity – The data fidelity of Notes Migrator significantly reduces the risk that your users will experience business process disruptions, data loss, or corruption.
  • Comprehensive – Notes Migrator moves it all—from calendar appointments, rooms, files, attachments, mail, contacts, distribution lists, and more.
  • Archives – Notes Archive migrator helps retain valuable archives after a migration.
Primaxis Exchange pro services migration as a service

Office 365 Exchange Pro

Exchange Pro handles migrations from Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 environments to Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016 environments as well as to Office 365


  • Scheduling and Forecasting – Exchange Pro lets you filter on almost 100 mailbox and Active Directory attributes to efficiently set up your migration schedule
  • Public folder migration – Migrate your Public Folders to Microsoft Exchange 2010, to modern public folder mailboxes within Exchange 2013, 2016, or to Office 365.
  • Fast processing – Exchange Pro uses the latest Exchange PowerShell engine. This makes for a lightning-quick migration, with throughput speeds up to 10 times faster than agent based tools.
  • Positive user experience – Exchange Pro lets your users go to a self-service web portal to see the schedule, sign up for SMS or email notifications.

Power365 for enterprise transformation

The Enterprise Cloud Transformation Platform for Microsoft Office 365

Whether you are completing a merger or acquisition, or maintaining global tenants or a hybrid environment, Power365® provides high-velocity migrations and robust integration between Office 365 tenants and on-premises environments. Power365 is an Azure-based, Software-as-aService platform that delivers efficient, secure, compliant transformations for even the most complex, enterprise initiatives—all with levels of options to meet your needs and without interrupting the productivity of your end-users.

Customer Success Story | Acciona

“Working with Primaxis team we have successfully migrated users without BAU interruptions which have been great”

Raul Gutierrez

IT Manager, Acciona


Customer Success Story | Ross Cosmetics

“Migration from on premise Domino to Exchange is difficult enough let alone from two distinctly different cloud providers. However, with Primaxis expertise and knowledge, the whole migration was as seamless as this type of migration can be with the very minimal business disruption and delivered under a very tight timeframe.”

Jay Centeno
IT Manager, Ross Cosmetics


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